I will guide you, coach you and motivate you through training and nutrition.

Together we will build your strength, increase flexibility and give you the confidence you need.



Here are some circuits to keep you busy this week

Kettle bell cleans only 10 reps each side
Rack the kettle bell squat 10 reps each side
Kettle bell 1 arm row 10 reps each side
Kettle bell floor press 10 reps (lay on back)
1/2 get up sit ups 10 reps each side
30 hand to hand swings
30 rope slammers
30 upper cuts on rope
Sprint 2 mins (yes 2 mins)
Goblet squats 15 reps
Standing seesaw presses 10 reps
2 hand swing 30 reps
10 super planks
10 plank hip drops
30 rope Russian twists
15 jumping jacks
2 min sprints

It's ok to just do the cardio this week. It's nice to take a week off of weights. Otherwise do these circuits and repeat them 3-4 times. Good luck , shut up and lift. No talking and i will see you all next week!