I will guide you, coach you and motivate you through training and nutrition.

Together we will build your strength, increase flexibility and give you the confidence you need.



I was born and raised in Hammonton, New Jersey. I am where I am today because of my passion for sports and athleticism: I had my first weight set at the age of 10, had success on the high school football team and possess an internal drive to always do my best.

Not only do I have the internal push for myself to do well, but I truly enjoy teaching and helping others. Through endless hours of reading and researching I have taken my knowledge and combined it with the “Art of Strength” founder Anthony DiLuglio, and formed “JD Strength”.

“JD Strength” is my personal program that combines kettle bells, free weights, rope undulation, and suspension training. I have carefully integrated these training techniques to achieve maximum calorie burning and fat breakdown.

I have trained overweight clients and transformed them. I have taken athletic clients and enhanced their strength. I have taken unmotivated clients and encouraged them to focus on health and well-being. My style is unique and my client focus is to every age, ability and goal.  Together my clients and I have formed a bond, a motivation, confidence building, and life changing relationship. 

I offer group training and private sessions. The results are impressive and I challenge you to become part of the “JD Strength” Program.